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Disclaimer: I own nothing (and I also have given up on finding new, witty ways to say that).
Summary: Harry reflects on how Ginny is a recondite person, whilst dodging blows from Hermione for slaughtering the English language.
Rating: PG-13 for themes and such.
Genre: Drama/Angst/Humor
A/N: For aibhinn's Word of the Day challenge. I totally crammed for this. -guilty look-

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The million dollar question is this:

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And this:

LJ Friend O' the Day!!

Here's how it works:

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And seriously, I love telling people how much I adore them, and how much they rock. So go ahead and comment!


drabbles100: Prompts 006-010

(Fandom: HP
Word Count: 100)

Title: Distractions
Characters: Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy
Prompt: 006. Hours
Rating: Very light PG.

DistractionsCollapse )

Title: Calming
Characters: Ginny, absent!Harry
Prompt: 007. Days
Rating: G

CalmingCollapse )

Title: Sullen
Characters: Ginny, Charlie W., more Harry being absent and making her brood
Prompt: 008. Weeks
Rating: G

SullenCollapse )

Title: Irritable
Characters: Ginny, Photographer!Draco
Prompt: 009. Months
Rating: PG

IrritableCollapse )

Title: Masks
Characters: Ginny, Sirius
Prompt: 010. Years
Rating: G

MasksCollapse )

These are, truthfully, my unfavoritest set of drabbles. The characters feel a bit flat, and the musings are, frankfully, a little boring. Eh.

Next time, though, right?

Antoinette was the first of Ginny’s friends to lose her virginity (to a Ravenclaw boy two years ahead of her), and when she’d told Ginny about it, the redhead had asked curiously, “What’s it like?” She had never forgotten Antoinette’s answer. After thinking for a moment, the girl replied sagely, “Different - sex always changes things.”

She’d never known it herself, as Harry’s libido was rather squashed by the knowledge that Voldemort could swoop down on him at any moment.

I had to share that.

--Ginevra, by TheQueenOfTheNight.

And, nasty creature that I am, it's LG. Hawt.

Oh, and, being the dweeb I am, I found this:

In the song "Your Eyes" in which Adam Pascal (Roger Davis) is singing to Rosario Dawson (Mimi Marquez) because of lighting issues Adam Pascal was staring at Rosario Dawson's forehead.

Ahahahaha (I think I have heat stroke and am about to die).

Oh, to those around here, 9:30 ish, go to Leslie Park for fireworks.


I absolutely love this weather. It's so gorgeous! It's like, 80-something, and just really really nice to go outside in.

I adore hot weather. You just go outside, and the grass just smells green. Colors aren't supposed to have smells, but they just smell nice.

Saturday was our Jazz Band competition (we didn't place, but we had a ton of fun...), and I got to talk to Jon. :O
I told him I admired his red hair and that it makes my life inside and out, and he seemed very flattered. :D

Sunday I went to Chris' and we had a DDR party (HAH, we'resoasian) and such, including Kingdom Hearts II. Then we went out to see X-Men III.

Spoilers. Or maybe not. Maybe me just talking about what I thought about it. Either way, don't click if you haven't seen it yetCollapse )

We've done some mad spring cleaning in our house so now everything smells really fresh.

Not much going on otherwise. I wrote an alternate ending for Kindred for my English project and nearly killed myself because it's so terrible.

I really like cheap CD's. $6, ohyeah, at Borders. It was actually $6.35, and I realized that I didn't have any change with me, but the guy at the cashier just decided to cover it for me. ♥ Borders rocks my socks.


drabbles100: Prompts 001-005

(Fandom: HP
Wordcount: 100)

Title: Elusive
Characters: Ginny Weasley
Prompt: 001. Beginnings
Rating: G

ElusiveCollapse )

Title: Blinding
Characters: Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter
Prompt: 002. Middles
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Something like a snapshot from Deadlock

BlindingCollapse )

Title: Loose Ends
Characters: Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy
Prompt: 003. Ends
Rating: G
Author's Notes: There's a backdrop to the story... I just don't know what it is.

Loose EndsCollapse )

Title: Little Princess
Characters: Ginny Weasley, Arthur Weasley
Prompt: 004. First
Rating: G

Little PrincessCollapse )

Title: Close to Crazy
Characters: Ginny W., Ron Weasley
Prompt: 005. Last
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Inspired by Reba's 'Close to Crazy' on her album 'What If It's You'.

Close to CrazyCollapse )

These are all rather dark and dreary--for the next set of drabbles, I'll try to have at least one fluffy one. :D
I want to write.
Writer's Block is such a butt. I thought I'd beaten it down completely, but I find that it's still bugging me.

THISCollapse ) is all I have for the next chapter of Fairytale Ending. Which I incidentally promised that I'd have it written and up by the .. eh... end of April.

Umm, maybe I'll post some more random drabbles up for drabbles100. And I've completely forgotten about fanfic100.

This is 'bout the part I throw myself off a cliff.

OH. For jazzyaimsaru, who wanted triangles that turned into HG in the end; I was sitting in my shower, and I realized that I knew a few. So...

Summer, by Ides of March:
Unforgettable Fire, by TheLabris
Pendragon Series, by Irina: [The Rebirth] [Galatea]
The Triangle Prophecy, by Barb (which is the third in the trilogy... although the first is like... H/Hr and D/G, the third in the trilogy becomes DG and HG)

Gah, I really need to work on the ultimate DGH rec list for fiannan, and cinerei_umbrae.
I can't wait for summer.


Am trying the spontaneous beta thing. Sponsor beta? Sponge beta?
Spo-something or the other.

Am not sure whether I like it.
'Snot exactly like I have 15 icons to flaunt.
And the 6 ads about Gone with the Wind are starting to scare me only a little bit.

Oh, also rearranged the page a little.
I think I just needed a change.

And to not make this post completely useless, I'll give you a few fics that I've been reading and rather enjoying:

rose petals strewn on the grass, by V. M. Bell: I really cannot believe I'm the only reviewer for this. The style flows, and then doesn't. Lovely one-shot. I didn't know what was going on, but I loved it all the same. HG, implied TG. (I think).

The Q's and A's, by Mandy2: The style is oh-so perfect. The art behind this is breathtaking--especially as I originally thought Ginny was portrayed as a Mary-Sue. But she's really not. And the way it totally changed my view of her was just perfection. HG.

Independent Woman, by V. M. Bell: Hahaha, I'm a dweeb it's Sirius/Ginny. Without Sirius being totally noble. Smexy action, ohyeah.

And I think some Draco/Ginny is in order:
Funny Way of Showing It by Toasty: Because you can never go wrong with Toasty. And it's almost sweet 'though you know it shouldn't be. It breaks your heart, but it still rocks anyway.

Ooh, mm, and thank you again, hiruchus for getting me the clip. ;)

30 HR Famine

I've just realized something.

Gilbert Blythe/Anne Shirley

Black Hair/Red Hair

Only they argue majorly. And they were major enemies for the longest time. Which is like Draco and Ginny. ;) So there's the epitome of my OP3.

Yeah. Anyway.
I was tagged by everbliss.

List your six current favorite songs, then tag six friends to do the same.

1. Missing You - Big Dismal; 'cause it's so Harry/Ginny.
2. You're Like Comin' Home - Lonestar; I just got this album, because I've always loved this song to little pieces.
3. For Good - Wicked Soundtrack; I'd always skipped over this song before, but I just listened to it one day and I just absolutely love all the harmonizations.
4. What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts; BEAUTIFUL SONG. I heard it on the radio one day while I was waiting for the bus after skating, and I just absolutely loved it.
5. Figured You Out - Nickleback; Draco and Ginny. Only Ginny's hooked on drugs. So I'm not sure if it works. XP
6. Foolish Games - Jewel; More Draco and Ginny. Need I say more?

Anyway. Thirty Hour Famine.
Fun Stuff. I starved. For actually 29 hours, but we were all exhausted and tired. I was trying to do my math homework at one of the times, and stared at 9 + 4 for the longest time. And then figured out 5 minutes later that the answer was 13.

Clever, I know.

We had a road rally (and placed second--one of our group members got to go into the back of a police car and get handcuffed). Plus we went to Emmanuel House to paint their house, which was interesting.

Anyway, it was a really interesting experience, starving for that amount of time. Because I found that I wasn't that hungry--it was just a weird growling feeling in my stomach.

So I feel good that I saved one person for > 95 days (depending on how many people will donate more to the cause). Or 95 kids for one day. Either one.

And it's a nice feeling. Until I realize that there's 29000 kids dying every day. From preventable causes. And that even though what I'm doing is good, it's not good enough. So onward to other things I can do.

Time Challenge

Aibhinn's Time Challenge
Prompt: Nighttime, Harry/Ginny fic;

Mindless, really. A Harry/Ginny moment. With shoes. And an incredibly thick Harry, but then, he's always been incredibly thick.

PG, Humor/Romance, one-shot.
Some Ron/Hermione.

For ___eyesonfire, just because. And also 'cause she helped me so much with this.

NighttimeCollapse )