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drabbles100: Prompts 12, 16-17, 22-23, 26, 31-32, 38, 64, 66, 68, 78-80, 84-85

Because Chris whined. (just kidding).
These are literally from two (maybe even three!) years ago, and I haven't really looked through these since then, so all blame goes to the Sabrina-from-two-years-ago. I have no idea why I wrote them and didn't ever post them, but here you go!

(Fandom: HP
Wordcount: 100)

Title: Insufferable
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Draco
Prompt: 012. Grey
Wordcount: 100 words
Rating: G

“You must be joking,” Ginny said, coughing and sneezing.

Draco peered around the room, his grey eyes alert.

“You just stormed into my father’s ministry function, tossed me on your shoulder and you’ve apparated me to some dusty attic?”

“Yeah,” he said, unabashedly.

“Oh, all right,” she said, blinking. Then she said, “Don’t you think it’s a bit random?”

“No,” he said, and his expression was a bit dark. “I had to get you away from Potter. He was making eyes at you. Again.”

He was an insufferable, jealous prat, but he was her insufferable, jealous prat. “Come here, you.”

Title: Blinding
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Harry
Prompt: 016. Purple
Word count: 100 words
Rating: G

“Nice robes,” she said, trying hard not to giggle.

“It makes me blend in,” he said, and his green eyes were puzzled. “Right?” He looked down at his obnoxiously purple robes.

“Everyone’s not that frightfully ugly,” she pointed out, covering her mouth to hide her laugh.

Hey. I thought I looked dashing and romantic, like those heroes in those cheesy romance novels you read.”

Historical fiction,” she said, automatically.

“All right,” he said, clearly unconvinced.

“Besides, those dashing heroes are good for fiction, but they wouldn’t be very useful in real life,” she said cheerily, and sent him a smile.

Title: Reflection
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Harry
Prompt: 017. Brown and 038. Touch
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG

Her brown eyes dart about quickly, and suddenly he hates everything around them with a passion that makes his head throb and stars to appear in front of his eyes.

He knows that it has been a while since she has been truly innocent (they have Tom Riddle to thank for that), but he knows that the war and everything around them has sped up the process of aging them.

If he could have done it differently, he would have taken her away to somewhere safe and warm.

Some of his longing must have been reflected in his angry green eyes, because she shoves the blanket away from her shivering body, and she kneels in front of him.

He can see himself in her startlingly clear eyes, and he stares, transfixed, at her.

She touches him lightly, bringing her cold hands to feel his face. A corner of her mouth twists up in a bitter, sardonic smile. He can hardly see her red hair, darkened as it is by the water she had been drenched in beforehand that day.

“You’re stupid, Harry Potter,” she says, as she leans in for a soft kiss.

She wouldn’t have him any other way.

Title: Tense
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Oliver, other Quidditch teammates
Prompt: 022. Enemies, 026. Teammates, 064. Fall
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG-13

“They’re our enemies! We need to crush them! Wipe them out, one by one! Who’s with me?” he asked wildly, waiting for some kind of support.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “It’s just a Quidditch game, Oliver. We’re not exactly in a war.”

He looked outraged and pounded a fist into the palm of his other hand. “Of course it’s like a war! It’s WORSE THAN A WAR. And we are going to LOSE if you continue acting like it isn’t—”

While Oliver raged on, Natalie, a fellow Chaser, leaned over to Ginny and said, “He seems awfully tense. How many minutes do you need?”

Ginny wrinkled her nose. “Do you think this is the time? The World Cup is only days away.”

“He’s been running us ragged. I’m going to throw something really sharp if he makes us stay in the air any longer,” supplied one of the Beaters, nearly falling over from exhaustion.

“Make it a couple of hours,” pleaded the other Beater, just as Oliver glanced around and noticed that nobody was listening to him.


“You all owe me,” Ginny said lowly so Oliver couldn’t hear. She marched up to their captain and flashed him a gorgeous smile. “Excuse me Oliver, could I talk to you about something privately?”

“Now is not the time, Weasley,” he growled at her, preparing to launch into another five minute rant about how important it was to practice.

“I disagree,” she said politely, inching closer to him and placing her hand innocently on his arm. “The locker rooms?”

Ginny glanced back at her teammates as she led a slightly dazed Oliver away from the Pitch. “Take a break,” she mouthed even as she was pulled abruptly into the locker rooms and out of sight.

Title: Suspicious
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Draco
Prompt: 023. Lovers, 066. Rain, 078. Disease, 079. Agony, 080. Healing
Word Count: 500
Rating: PG-13

“I think you need to show a little self control,” Ginny said, as she noticed him eyeing a busty blonde.

“I’ll show self control when I’m eighty.”

“But by then, you’ll have caught all the latest diseases. Don’t come crying to me when your package is shriveled and warty and when it’s past all healing.” She gave the aforementioned package a significant look. “It will be agony, I tell you.”

Draco grimaced. “Thanks for the mental picture.”

“Anytime.” She grinned. “Not that I’m trying to discourage you from doing anything. You could still go home with the blonde.”

“Nah. I’ll just sit here with you. It’s more fun than chatting up the same kinds of girls and succeeding in getting them home with me.”

“I’m extremely flattered.”

“So, what’s new with you? Meet anybody? New lover?”

“Unlike you, I don’t spend the majority of my life trying to find someone to share my bed,” she said. “But yes, I think I’ve found someone.” She looked at him carefully.

His face was suspiciously blank. “Who?”

“You may not know him.”

“I’ll find out.”


“Potter?” he exploded, jumping up from his chair. “The speccy git who tried to ruin my life?”

She tried to hide the fact that she was terribly amused and pleased by his reaction. “The same. But to his defense, it isn’t as if you made his life sunshine and rainbows.”

Draco grumbled for a bit, but try as she might, she couldn’t make out what he was saying. Suddenly, he said, “Let’s go out for dinner tomorrow.”

She instantly manufactured a regretful face. “I’m sorry, but I told Harry I’d meet him for dinner. We’ve been planning this for a week already.”

“Cancel. I’ve got something to show you.”

“I thought you had to escort some foreign minister’s daughter all of tomorrow.”

“Oh. Damn. I’ll cancel, then. You can’t go with Potter.”

“I promised him,” she said reproachfully. “I can’t just break my promise to him. And neither can you. It’s your job and your duty. We can meet some other time, can’t we?”

“No,” he said, quite stubbornly. For some reason, it made him queasy to think that somebody else would be taking her to dinner. Someone else on the receiving end of her smiles, someone else getting to admire her when she was looking her nicest? It couldn’t be borne. “You owe me for getting you out of that sticky situation from a while ago.”

She sighed. “What’s so special about tomorrow?”

There really wasn’t anything special, but he didn’t like to think that she was going to go out to dinner with Potter on the very day that he had wanted to eat with her. “Everything’s special about tomorrow.”

“Well, we could double date. You could bring the minister’s daughter, and I’ll bring Harry.”

“You have to come,” he said.

“Come rain or shine.”

Draco grinned after her departing back. It was time to pull out all the dirty and sneaky hexes and pranks.

Title: Discovery
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ginny, Harry
Prompt: 031. Sunrise, 032. Sunset, 068. Lightning, 084. Found, 085. Missing
Word Count: 500
Rating: G

“I need to discover myself,” she tells him as they both look out at the sunset.

“What is there to discover? You’re you,” he says, a trifle indulgently.

She shakes her head. “I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

He is puzzled, but lets her have her own way, convinced that she would crawl back to him in a matter of days.

A week later, he finds himself staring out the window, waiting for a sign that she is alright, and that she misses him.

A month later, he wonders whether she has found someone else and is reluctant to tell him so. The thought twists his stomach and makes him clench his teeth.

“Yeah, she’s fine,” says her brother when he asks him subtly whether he has heard from her. “She’s trying out a million new things. Says she’s missing you.”

Somehow, this makes him miss her even more.

It takes him a lightning storm, a glass of brandy, and a night in front of the fire for him to realize why she is doing this. As the youngest child of her family, she has always been protected and labeled by her family. She’s never really been able to make her own decisions, or find her own path.

The next morning, he sends her a note: I miss you, but I think I’m starting to understand.

A few days later, he finds his first note from her, and he eagerly scans the text. Sunrise, on the twelfth. An address is scribbled underneath.

It takes him loads of self control not to head for the place immediately, but he respects her enough to wait until the day she has asked him to come.

The sunrise is beautiful, but she is even more beautiful.

“Did you find yourself?” he asks her, and he is earnest.

“I don’t know,” she says, and turns to give him a smile. “I thought I was doing whatever I wanted to do, and I thought it would make me happy. I didn’t have to turn to anyone for their opinion. It should have been freedom. But I felt as if I were missing something very important.

“And then I realized that no matter how much I look for myself, I wouldn’t be able to do it—not when you’re not here. I can’t really find myself, because I’m not really myself unless I’m with you. I hated it and resented it before, and thought I was weak, for not being able to even be myself without you. But then I discovered that it was a choice that I consciously made.”

She pauses, and he urges her on wordlessly.

“In short, you complete me,” she says simply. “Because I want you to. Because I choose you.”

He wants to tell her that he wants to stand beside her and discover what the world holds for them, together, but she places a hand on his lips. Later, she seems to say.

They watch the sun rise together.


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Finally. :P And I totally did not whine! ><

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